Roadsteading: Homesteading on the Go

roadsteading with a van

We cover traditional homesteading a lot on this site, but sometimes traditional ways just won’t do.

For a variety of reasons, some people can’t or don’t want to live permanently attached to a piece of land with a traditional house or cabin. For those folks, options like roadsteading are an attractive option.

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What is roadsteading?

As the name suggests, roadsteading homesteading is a type of homesteading that is done on the road.

This means that people who practice this type of homesteading live in their vehicles and travel from place to place. They set up their temporary homes in different locations, often in remote areas, and live off the land.

Roadsteading homesteaders are self-sufficient and typically grow their own food and even raise their own animals. As they’re usually off grid, they may use solar panels to power any electrical needs.

What are the benefits of roadsteading?

There are several pluses about roadsteading compared to more traditional homesteading.

For one, roadsteaders almost always live off the grid in remote areas, providing a greater level of self-sufficiency than a grid-tied homestead. It can be a great way to live a simpler life and get away from the rat race of modern city life.

homesteading with a camper

Another advantage of roadsteading is that can be very economical. By living very simply out of a van or in a temporary shelter without public utilities, you can save a lot of money by living this way.

Additionally, growing your own food and raising your own animals will further reduce your costs by providing vegetables, milk and eggs.

Finally, roadsteading can provide an unparalleled opportunity to live close to nature. If you love being outdoors and enjoying the peace and quiet of very rural areas, then the roadsteading lifestyle may be for you.

How does roadsteading work?

One of the great things about roadsteading is that there is not just one way to do it. You can adjust your roadstead experience to match your own abilities, resources, and comfort level.

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Roadsteaders will purchase or rent land on which to live. The first step in purchasing is to find a piece of land that’s already for sale or that you are interested in and then make an offer to the owner.

In the case of renting, you will usually need to sign a lease agreement with the owner and pay them the agreed upon amount of money either all up front (like for one year’s lease) or month by month. Once this is done, you will be able to move into your new home site and start roadsteading!

Depending on your goals and resources, you may end up building a small dwelling, fencing in an area for animals, planting a garden, and other activities traditionally associated with homesteading.

Roadsteaders live on their piece of land while improving it. They can live in a van, RV, tent, or a basic structure like a yurt or teepee.

With the roadsteading approach, you can work the land as you have the time and money. Roadsteading is a great way to get started on homesteading without having to make a huge investment.

What are the challenges of roadsteading?

One of the key things to remember with roadsteading is that you are living off the grid in a simple structure or vehicle. This means that you will need to be prepared for things like bad weather.

Particularly in harshly cold climates, you’ll need a way to provide heat for yourself and any animals you may have.

cat by fire on homestead

You’ll also need to be able to provide your own water and dispose of waste. Composting human waste may seem gross but when done properly can be a fantastic way to deal with waste and provide garden fertilizer.

Having some type of solar power set up will likely be necessary to power any devices you have like a phone, laptop, or radio.

If you plan and prepare accordingly, roadsteading can be a great way to get started on your homestead journey.

Is roadsteading right for you?

Roadsteading can be an excellent way to become more self-sufficient and live a more sustainable lifestyle..

If you long to homestead but aren’t able to pursue the traditional homesteading route, roadsteading may be a viable option for you.

With careful planning and execution, living the roadsteading life can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

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